EIS – Exterior Lighting / Light Pollution

Environmental Impact Studies of Light Pollution and Street Lighting

Savestar Consulting S.L. has in their portfolios the world’s leading experts in Light Pollution Studies.

We carry out Environmental Impact Studies in Light Pollution using the most advanced techniques worldwide in remote sensing, modeling and prediction of the Impact of Outdoor Lighting and its impact on fauna and flora.

We are an authorized distributor of commercial licenses of “The new World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness”:

Our founders participated in the study of the growth of light pollution worldwide:

Experts in public lighting at the Spanish level:

Our researchers are part of the most important light pollution study networks in the world, such as the LoNNe network or the Spanish Network of Light Pollution Studies. They also occupy prominent positions in the organizations of defense of the nocturnal ecosystems like Celfosc, Group for the Protection of the Sky, Sky Buio, Stars4all or the International Dark Sky Association.

We collaborate with the sky quality office of the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia-CSIC, University of Exeter, UCM (University Complutense de Madrid), University of Santiago de Compostela, Cegep of Sherbrooke, in addition to many other researchers from other institutions.

Our policy is to have only the most demanding professionals in the Study of Light Pollution to ensure safety future legal status to our clients in the face of an increase in regulation of light pollution worldwide.

We also collaborate with other companies not specialized in light pollution but of great level in their specialty as they are GeaSIG, IMAYA and Lumínica Ambinetal to offer an integral services.

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