Light pollution

Light pollution seriously affects both our own biorhythms as well as the biorhythms of wildlife including insects, birds and sea turtles and more. A recent study estimated that nearly one billion migratory birds die each year in North America due to light pollution.

We must make it clear that we are talking about one more type of pollution caused by human activity, it also represents a very significant increase in electricity bills of municipalities and individuals. Consequently, this waste of energy wasted by illuminating the heavens contributes to increasing the greenhouse effect on Earth, since huge amounts of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere only to produce energy that then we throw into heaven. So,

Many groups, including professional and amateur astronomers, astrophysicists, have spent decades reporting the serious problem of light pollution. The “International Dark Sky Association” (IDA) is the body for excellence in protecting dark skies of the world and the delicate ecosystems in them, in addition to promoting awareness of the problem worldwide there. IDA has several conservation programs darkness in national parks, communities and reserves. In Spain the association “Cel Fosc” has spent years denouncing the problems of light pollution and proposing real solutions. Likewise, astrophysicists in Tenerife observatories (Teide Observatory) and La Palma (Roque de los Muchachos Observatory) have almost three protected decades of light pollution thanks to the “Technical Office for the Protection of the Quality of Heaven” (OTPC) Institute Astrophysics de Canarias (IAC).Many Spanish regions like Catalonia, Navarra, the Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Madrid, Castilla y Leon, Extremadura and Andalusia, have regulations to take care of this, but unfortunately many are not efficient and in most cases are not being applied . The same is true in some cities, one of the most striking that of Córdoba, a pioneer in enacting this type of protective laws of Heaven (1998) city, but where important technical errors that have not yet been remedied cases were committed.