• NASA, ESA, JAXA, CSA and ROSKOSMOS are our images providers, so they are our main collaborators.

  • GEASIG is a training company specialised in the environmental sector. Some of their expertise areas are; hydrology, renewable energy, energy efficiency and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Their collaboration with Savestars Consulting SL focuses on the application of GIS tools for analyzing variables and parameters influencing the Light Pollution, allowing the most professional and complete environmental reports.

  • Imaya Consulting SL is an environmental engineering whose main objective is to assist and advise companies, individuals and public or private organizations in the proper implementation and management of environmental aspects associated with the activities that each of these develop.

The company is actively working with the company Savestars Consulting SL, since the tool Python ISS have developed for treatment and analysis of nocturnal satellite images of the earth, it allows the development of specific and very detailed reports about light pollution.

Those reports are taken into account, thanks to satellite images treated with the software, the intensity of pollution, its radius of influence, detecting the type of emission source and many other aspects that until now could not be measured with such rigor. It facilitates an assessment of the environmental impact of specific projects, such as quantify energy waste and therefore make the appropriate proposals improvements and contribute to the implementation of a  sustainable street lighting.

  • Lumínica Ambiental is a specialized technical office dedicated to light pollution and outdoor lighting in all its areas: technical, scientific, legislative, educational and informative. Their projects offer the best compromise that guarantees the balance between the functionality of night lighting and the care to preserve the dark conditions of the night environment.